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Sleep Health is staffed by experienced sleep technicians who are passionate about helping patients find relief from sleep problems. Our staff has performed thousands of sleep studies giving you the comfort and knowledge that you are in good hands. In addition they do everything possible to make patients feel comfortable, while utilizing state of the art diagnostic equipment to ensure the most accurate assessment of sleep disorders.

Our centers medical component and treatment planning is overseen by our Medical Director who is an expert in sleep medicine.
Patients undergoing sleep studies have been suffering for a long time. A stay at our sleep center is the first step in the journey back to restful sleep and the benefit it brings.


At sleep health we want to make it easy for you to enjoy the great pleasure of a lifetime of healthy sleep:

  • Our brand new state of the art facility provides a warm, comfortable & hotel like atmosphere.
  • Our private sleep rooms are outfitted with premium beds and luxurious linens.
  • Minimizing insurance hassles; we help navigate the medical insurance maze by arranging sleep study pre-authorization to determine eligibility for testing and C-Pap treatment.
  • Our sleep test results are delivered fast-usually in just 2-4 business days.
  • Saving you time-We take your patients fully in hand & take the time to explain all procedures. Plus, our medical team will develop a treatment plan or assist in any follow-up necessary for the patient to find relief & a better quality of life.

A good nights sleep can make the difference in your relationships, your health…. your life. We invite you, a loved one or one of your patients to take the first step toward a better nights sleep. Call (732) 364-3530 today.

Help is a visit away!

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