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Q:  Why do I need a sleep study?
A: Your physician may suspect you have an untreated sleep disorder. Sleep disorders can have a devastating impact on health and quality of life. A sleep study provides the information your physician needs to make a proper diagnosis and provide effective treatment recommendations.

Q:  What are some of the consequences of sleep disorders if left untreated?
A: Anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory loss, hypertension, cardiac disease, stroke, traffic accidents.

Q:  What benefit is there to have an office visit before my study?
A: During your office visit, a sleep doctor will perform a sleep physical while evaluating you for one of the over 80 sleep disorders that are currently known. Some sleep disorders may be treated without requiring a sleep study, while others require a sleep study to determine which disorder you may have and its severity. This visit not only ensures that we are providing you with the best possible service, but it is also a requirement for the sleep center to meet the high standards of accreditation.

Q:  When are sleep studies conducted?
A:  Overnight studies are conducted in the evenings with patients arriving at the center between 8-9 p.m. and generally rising at 6 a.m.

Q:  How will I be able to sleep in a strange environment?
A:  We create a home like setting with cozy private rooms. Diagnostic sensors are non-invasive and allow you to sleep just as you would at home. Many patients actually report getting a better nights sleep than they can remember.

Q:  What if I can’t fall asleep?
A: “There is no way I can fall asleep with all this stuff on me!”. The good news is that you do, it just may take you a little longer then normal. If this is a concern please voice this to our physician during your appointment.

Q:  Can I go to the bathroom during my sleep study?
A:  Definitely! If necessary our technicians are available to be of assistance.

Q:  What should I do or wear the night of my study?
A:  There are a few things we ask all our patients to do prior to the study:

  1. Please shower and wash your hair before coming to the sleep center.
  2. Please do not put hair spray or oils on your hair.
  3. Please keep makeup to a minimum.
  4. Bring pajamas or modest night clothes with you.
  5. You are welcome to bring your own pillow, snacks and reading materials.
  6. If you have specific needs please advise us prior to your visit & if at all possible we will be happy to accommodate you.

Q:  What about my medications?
A: Do not discontinue any prescription medication without speaking to your physician. Inform our physician and staff about any prescription or over the counter medications you are currently taking. Some medications can affect sleep and the interpretation of the study.

Q:  Are your services covered by insurance?
A: Most insurance companies as well as Medicare provide coverage for the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders. We suggest that you contact your insurance company for your policy`s specific conditions. We would be happy to help you in this process.

Q:  How do I know if I might have Sleep Apnea?
A:  Take this quiz to see if you might have sleep apnea.
(Ask your partner, housemate, etc. to help you answer the first 2 questions.)

Do you snore most nights?   Yes No

Is your snoring interrupted by silence followed by a gasp or snort?

  Yes No

Do you fall asleep - or almost fall asleep - while driving, at work or during other waking hours?   Yes No

Do you regularly have trouble concentrating or remembering.   Yes No

Do you have high blood pressure?   Yes No

Do you often wake up with a headache?   Yes No

If you answered yes to any question, speak to your physician. Your symptom(s) may be from sleep apnea or some other problem. Either way, medical attention is important.



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